Cozy Kid Crunch Candle

Cozy Kid Crunch Candle

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Extremely Limited Quantity

Saturday Morning Throwback

Smells just like the cereal!

Toy included, just like the good ol' days

40 hour burn time

16 oz.

Highly scented - Cozy Kid Crunch Cereal is succulent strawberry notes, juicy grape, sweet buttercream aromas, invigorating plum and tart wild berries intertwine with fresh bakery scents, warm maple syrup tones. Powdered sugar notes, creamy vanilla and spicy tonka bean scents blend together to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Handmade by my mom

We use a parasoy custom blend wax, which is a blend of paraffin and soy wax , giving our candle the best of both worlds. This unique mixture gives the candle the best cold and hot scent throw. With a soft, smooth, creamy, texture, the colors are vibrant and burn slower, giving you more candle for your hard earned money. 

We use the best fragrance oils on the market, and add the maximum amount of fragrance that the wax will hold, to give you a highly scented candle.

Yes, its a real spoon :)

Authentic texture, wax mold used for cereal pieces was created with real Cap'n Crunch

Absolutely no part of this candle is edible - however, if you happen to take a bite, please send the video to my personal Instagram @bloochee